Sunday, October 22, 2017

Texas quilt!

Is it possible? It's eight months since my last post!!!
Well, that doesn't mean that there's no quilts been made.

It has!

The family is growing and Texas, my brothers grandchild was born in june.

A quilt to Texas!

Welcome Texas!

This is a quilt made of triangels in blue colors and with orange as contrasts. 
 The fabrics are selected from my big fabric collection and several of them are old shirts bought secondhand and some are from my parents' old shirts.

The applied patches are now a kind of signature on many of my quilts.

 On the back of the quilt,Texas's name and birth are embroidered.
 To get a lively back I've chosen several different fabrics. 
The quilt is quilted on machine.

I hope there will be a post soon again!
In the meen time you can follow me at Instagram.

Happy Quilting!